2018 Ikebana Membership Tea

Ikebana of Arizona’s membership tea was held in the North Valley Visitor's center and included live music as well as a Sogetsu demonstration by long-time member Susan Allen.

Message from the President

Ikebana of arizona was established in 1973 to perpetuate an interest in Ikebana throughout Arizona.  It is decidate3d to increasing the knowledge of all schools and styles of Japanese flower arrangement and the related arts of Japan.

Ikebana, the Japanese at of flower arrangement, literally means “the arrangement of living material in water.”  Ikebana creates linear flower arrangements according to certain rules which aim to achieve harmony, beauty and balance.  It is described as sculpture with flowers.  Therefore, it is a creative art that allows us to bring all the charm and beauty of nature into our homes.

Membership is open to all persons who are interested in the art of Japanese flower arranging, regardless of previous experience.  We hold meetings, workshops, and activities from October through April each year.  In October, we have a demonstration or workshop of different types or themes of arrangements from either members or visiting teachers.  In December, we have a holiday workshop to make festive arrangements for our homes.  Each spring we exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum’s Asian Art Gallery, and, in March each year, we partner with the Ikenobo School Chapter and host an Ikenobo Professor from Japan who does a magnificent demonstration for us.  In April, we have a membership tea at the home of one of our members.  We also have a list of certified teachers who teach in the Phoenix area for those who wish to study ikebana.  All activities are purely educational and never competitive.