Message from the President

Ikebana of Arizona was established in 1973 to perpetuate an interest in Ikebana throughout Arizona.  It is dedicated to increasing the knowledge of all schools and styles of Japanese flower arrangement and the related arts of Japan.

Ikebana of Arizona is pursuing its mission to promote ikebana in Arizona by supporting the local teaching schools. The ultimate goal of Ikebana of Arizona (I of A) is to support the practice and growth of Ikebana as an art form. It functions as an umbrella organization whose purpose is to provide information to the public and direct interest to the teaching schools of ikebana. Active ikebana schools in Arizona are Ikenobo, Ohara, and Sogetsu.

I of A has historically supported a demonstration and workshop by a master Sogetsu teacher in the fall and the Ikenobo professor from Japan in the spring and will continue to provide  support upon request from the teaching organization. Weekly arrangements will be coordinated in the tokonoma and an annual exhibit coordinated in the Asian Gallery at Phoenix Art Museum and/or other appropriate locations.

Ikebana of Arizona does not collect dues nor publish a paper directory. In lieu of dues, donations are welcome and appreciated. The I of A website  lists current I of A officers, current teachers of Ikebana and directors of the local branches of the ikebana schools. I of A maintains a mailing list of current members and new members of the teaching schools as submitted by the schools. Membership in one of the teaching schools  includes membership in I of A.

2019 Floral Inspiration Pictures