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Arts & Flowers at the Phoenix Art Museum

Phoenix Art Museum had the 11th annual Arts & Flowers display October 15=18, 2015.
Seven of our members participated.
Kate Secrest received 1st place as Most Creative Floral Design.
Other Ikebana of Arizona members who participated in this year’s event were Susan Allen, Carol Brecker, Wanda Collins, Retta Marconi-Dooley, Janet Millard, Mary Ann Palmer.
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17th North American Regional Conference

Carol Brecker and Fran Milford attended the 17th North American Regional Conference of Ikebana International in Asheville, North Carolina.
The photos are from the reception at the local Art Museum, the Exhibit, Large Outdoor Workshops, Demonstration Workshops and our small workshops. Workshop participants were given generous amounts of materials which included dogwood and Japanese maple.
Asheville Chapter 74 hosted the Conference May 18-22 with grand southern hospitality. Spring was in full bloom throughout this very walkable town. Three demonstrations were conducted by Ichiyo Headmaster Akihiro Kasuya assisted by his son, Headmaster-designate Naohiro Kasuya. Sogetsu Riji Jennie Sterling, Ikenobo Professor 1st Grade Emiko Suzuki. Sterling Sensei combined some of her South African containers with materials she ordered from the Big Island. Japan-born Suzuki Sensei delighted the audience with her true southern accent and accompanied her demonstration with the music of Nora Jones and country Bluegrass. Sensei Akihiro and Naohiro worked in concert to create a massive display using bamboo, dogwood, tropicals, and many local materials. As a finale, Akihiro Sensei used his bamboo saw to create a gravity defying sculpture from one piece of bamboo.

Carol Brecker’s design for the Exhibit.

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