Anyone interested in learning Ikebana can attend workshops or take lessons from a certified instructor without having a background in floral design.

Students’ level of interest ranges from hobby to certified masters.  There are workshops and classes for everyone. Those interested in learning the mechanics of the art take lessons from certified instructors.  Some pursue various levels of certification.

Instructors certified in a particular school of study offer classes for all levels of interest. Beginners sometime try classes in a couple styles before deciding on which school to focus on for certification.


Workshops are offered around the Phoenix area throughout the year. Ikebana of Arizona lists workshops and events organized by this organization and also supports events that are offered by the schools. A variety of workshops offer creative exercises open to followers at any level and from any school and classes for mastering techniques applicable to a particular school.  Visit our website for the latest info on upcoming workshops.


Many students want to take the challenge to master the art of Ikebana and pursue some level of certification.   Each school has different requirements and levels of certification.  A certified instructor (Sensei) can answer any questions that you might have regarding certification in a particular school or style.

Generally, the first levels of certification cover the necessary basics for beginners to enjoy acquiring skills that deepen their understanding of plant materials and space, and develop a higher level of self-expression through flowers.  These first levels can take multiple years.

Senseis undergo many additional years of study and multiple levels of teachers’ certifications before they are actually certified to teach.

See our list of instructors currently taking new students.

Life-Long Studies

Many followers of Ikebana continue to take lessons from a Sensei or attend workshops as part of life-long learning, even if they hold all the certifications themselves.  Ikebana is truly an art to be mastered.

For more information on classes or certification, contact a certified instructor listed under Instructors.