2017 Fall Fest Demonstration and Workshop

Ikebana of Arizona’s Fall Fest attendees enjoyed a full day of demonstrations, culminating in a workshop where they were able to employ the techniques demonstrated by our three instructors.  Sogetsu instructor Retta Marconi-Dooley demonstrated how to create striking effects with leaves.

Striking Effects with Leaves

Next, Ikenobo instructor and rosarian Marylou Coffman demonstrated jiyuka arrangements with roses.  Last was Ikenobo professor Pat Kuffler who led a demonstration and workshop designing with leaves and roses.    Attendees, then created their own arrangements which are displayed below.

3 thoughts on “2017 Fall Fest Demonstration and Workshop

  1. Hello, I was a member when i was living in Northern Virginia. I would like to join again. Could you please send info at he email provided below. Thamk you.

    1. Maria, Your email is not displayed for privacy. You can print a membership form directly from the website and mail it to Janet. If you have questions, please contact Susan at the number on the form.

  2. I am a new student of Ikebana. I attended the sogetsu show at the Japanese Friendship yesterday. I am interested in the sogetsu school . I would like to know when they meet and where they meet and any thing else you can tell me about this school of Ikebana. I really loved what I saw.

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