Board of Directors


President                             Susan Allen
Vice President                   Carol Brecker
Treasurer                            Janet Millard
Secretary                             Linnea Storm

The Ikebana of Arizona Board of Directors’ Duties are:

  • President represents the organization, oversees activities, presides over board meetings and keeps historical files of the organization.
  • Vice President: coordinates the tokonoma arrangements and annual exhibit.
  • Past President: advises the board to maintain continuity from previous years and assists board members as needed.
  • Treasurer/Membership Chair maintains a roster of members and makes disbursements for educational activities as directed by the board.
  • Secretary records and distributes minutes of board meetings.

Vera Arnold                          1973-1974
Anne Connor                       1974-1976
Janet Ikeda                          1976-1978
Winnie Donald                   1978-1980
Toshie Yoshie                     1980-1982
Anne Connor                      1982-1984
Matthew Bell                      1984-1986
Shirley Vogler                    1986-1988
Carol McClure                    1988-1990
Anne Connor                      1990-1992
Pat Maguire                         1992-1994
Anne Connor                      1994-1998
Marion Nenstiel                1998-1999
Madge Kunkel                   1999-2002
Anne Connor                     2002-2006
Pat Maguire                       2006-2008
Retta Marconi-Dooley   2008-2012
Carol Gould                       2012-2014
Fran Milford                       2014-2015
Susan Allen                        2015-